Hearts Inspired by a desire to delight his daughter – the Hearts Collection is again based on repetition – but the lack of geometry and the way the jewellery falls suggests disorder and lack of constraint. The fact that the cascade is created from hundreds of hearts is not immediately obvious but encourages the viewer […]

From £80

Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain Based on a simple wire twist into a figure of eight, linked together, and capped with a variety of different sized balls. This piece was inspired by an Anni & Bent Knuddsen open-ended necklace made from individual units, each ending in a loop that engages its neighbour.

From £440

Chain Maille

Chain Maille Chainmail or Chain Mallie is Iain’s primary love and first journey into jewelry production, which started at school. A sensual material with a silken feel, Chainmail moulds to the surface of the body – accentuating shape and movement.

From £80

Pin & String

Pin & String Taking inspiration from the string pictures popular in the Seventies, these pieces are graceful yet have substance. The fact that a curve can be created by using straight lines is remarkable.

From £88


Interleaved Interleaved, or Rattlers as they are sometimes called, are all about movement – with the wearer encouraged to play with the jewellery and feel how the pieces move within their own space and against the skin.

From £210


Bespoke Iain loves to work directly with clients developing a common brief and really getting involved in the way the piece needs to feel and be structured as well as the way it looks.

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